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“Capture Your Inspiration”

Founded by Haruo Ito in 1938, ITO Bindery traded as a simple bookbinding business named Hakucho-do. When the business passed to Ito’s son, Toshio, in the late 1980s, the business changed a little too, adopting its current name.
It wasn’t until 2009 that ITO Bindery began developing the notepads that we know and love today, but they were almost immediate successes. Their sobriety belies a deft originality, the kind that comes from following an idea from beginning to end with thought and method.


For more information about ITO BINDERY, please have a look at their website.


Misc.distribution represents ITO BINDERY in the Benelux & Germany.


What should have been, is.

when people first used a stick to draw on the ground.

The link between stationery and people began The link, time and again, has continued to evolve along with the evolution of people. and continues to exist today.

However, its intended purpose has never changed,

We are now rethinking this evolution.

Eliminating unnecessary ornamentation and function, we are taking a new look at what’s really necessary, rediscovering essential elements

and aiming to finally arrive at what should have existed all along.



stationery, standard & technology


For more information about STÁLOGY, please have a look at their website.


Misc.distribution represents STÁLOGY in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia.


Founded in 1905, Kokuyo soon became the industry leader in paper products (from account books to letter paper, forms and notebooks).


In 1960 Kokuyo has ventured into a transition “from paper to metal”, producing their first filing cabinet. With the economy of that day and age (increasing complexity of administration x economic growth), there was a growing demand for know-how (filing systems) and office supplies (paper products) to manage the ever-mounting pile of paperwork effectively.


The Think of Things selection is true to its heritage, but also constantly thinking and moving forward. Other items we carry include their famed Campus notebooks and some of their contest to market entries from their Kokuyo Design Award, such as the beetle tip marker and the Kadokeshi Eraser.

As Kokuyo’s catalogue is so immense, our product selection might not have an item you’re looking for. If so; give us a shout.


For more information about Kokuyo, please have a look at their website.


Misc.distribution represents Kokuyo in the Benelux and Germany.


Since its establishment in 1950, the Midori brand has been popular with many customers and has produces many hit products and long sellers. In addition to sophisticated designs, Midori manufactures goods that combine both beauty and functionality by paying special attention to beauty and materials used.

Midori has excelled in stationery items that reflect the very tranquil and ‘zen’ side of Japan with top selling series as TRAVELER’S notebook, KRAFT envelopes and BRASS stationery, which are now all part of the separate brand TRAVELER’S Company, as well the colorful and playful ‘pop’-items that reflect the “Kawai” side of Japan, such as the D-Clips and the various sticky notes, some of them receiving design awards.

Besides the top-notch designs, we admire the quality and dedication that are put in designing the items, as well as executing them. There is so much attention in the details of the packaging, that unwrapping the items alone is already a big treat. Midori items are truly a bliss to work with and we are convinced your customers will love them too!

For more information about Midori, please have a look at their website. Have a look at the Midori collection through the catalogues.

Misc.distribution represents Midori in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia.


A stationery brand founded on a single ballpoint pen.

As the Americana inspired name suggests, PENCO is a company making pens. That is, it started with a single ballpoint pen. By now their nostalgic analog collections encompass stationery ranging from clips to clipboards, notebooks to console boxes and pencases to, well… pens.

PENCO is a Hightide brand, and their attention to design can be seen throughout the entire Hightide range of casual everyday stationery.

For more information about PENCO, please have a look at their website. Have a look at the PENCO collection through the catalogues.

Misc.distribution represents PENCO by Hightide in the Benelux, Germany, France and Scandinavia.