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  • BLOCK portfolio image for misc.distribution
  • hibi
  • Notem
  • Hightide
  • TRAVELER’S Company
  • Midori
  • Penco
  • Nähe
  • Rifle Paper Co.


Based in Amsterdam, Misc.distribution has been distributing Midori
since 2010 & we have been carefully building our brandportfolio since.


At first glance it may seem as though Japanese brands
are our forte, but it is aesthetics that draws us in.
It just so happens we frequently seem to find this in Japan,
but Notem from Denmark, BLOCK from our hometown and Rifle Paper Co. from the US are testimony to our worldwide interest in nice brands.


We supply stores in the Benelux, Germany & Scandinavia,
with additional stores in Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia & Italy.


Not all brands apply for the mentioned countries,
so please read the description on the brand page
to see if your country is eligible.


Shoot us a line here for more information.





Misc.distribution believes in a tailor made approach: for every brand that we represent and sometimes for specific collections, we seek to find the best suitable retailers to match the vision and strategy of the brand.



Wholesale & Distribution

We are the exclusive distributor for our brands in our region, with additional non-exclusive regions. Why exclusive? This way we can keep the best interest of our retailers at heart and build our brands at the same time.




We have a store that shares the Misc moniker, and it carries a selection of our wholesale items, but that's where the similarities stop. It's a separate business run by a different team and with quite a different product range.